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          In the application of zinc steel road guardrail, we will find that it will loosen. What's going on? After analysis by relevant personnel, it is found that there are many factors causing the loosening of zinc steel guardrail:


          1、 The guardrail column is not fixed stably during installation, or the accessory screws are not tightened during fixation.


          2、 The looseness of zinc steel guardrail caused by changes in the external environment, such as the looseness of the fixed position of the column, the screws used are not stainless steel anti-corrosion screws, and the looseness caused by screw corrosion.


          3、 Looseness caused by external environment, such as strong external impact, typhoon impact or man-made damage.



          The loosening of zinc steel guardrail is mainly caused by these three reasons. When repairing the zinc steel guardrail, first observe which part of the guardrail is loose. Then, according to the external characteristics of zinc steel road guardrail, the reason for its looseness is judged. Then repair the symptoms, that is to find the problem and find out the cause, and then solve it.


          The basic finishing strategies are:


          1、 In the above case, we need to strengthen the column. We can add expansion screws and L-shaped fixing angle codes to strengthen the screws of accessories.


          2、 In the above case II, we need to re pour the concrete layer, and then replace the anti-corrosion accessories and fixing screws.


          3、 In the above three cases, we can also strengthen the capacity of the guardrail by dealing with one and two cases. When it is found that the zinc steel guardrail is loose, we must reinforce it in time, because there are many situations that will aggravate the loosening of the zinc steel road guardrail, and then there are many accidents, and we will regret it at that time.


          The above is the knowledge about Shandong cast iron guardrail provided by Xiaobian. Please continue to pay attention to our website for more wonderful contents: http://www.macyplace82.com



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