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          How to maintain cast iron fence in rainy weather:


          On rainy days, after the cast iron fence is wet, will it affect the cast iron fence? After all, there will be a lot of impurities in the rain water. Many consumers with fences have all the concerns.


          Experts say that in fact, this does not have much impact. If this happens, just wipe the water on the cast iron fence with cotton cloth after the rain stops, because the cast iron fence itself has a layer of protective paint to protect it.


          However, if you are still not at ease, you can wipe a layer of antirust oil on the surface of the fence, but do not use hard things to wipe and bump the fence.



          Let's introduce how to install the cast iron guardrail


          1. After the cast iron guardrail arrives at the construction site, it shall be accurately installed in place according to the position and size specified in the drawing, and the elevation and vertical flatness shall be determined.


          2. The installation of embedded parts shall be accurately positioned according to the drawing design requirements and the actual situation of the construction site, so as to avoid not being on a parallel line.


          3. The standard line provided by cast iron guardrail shall be installed horizontally, and the embedded spacing shall be installed and positioned according to the number of stair steps and drawing design requirements.


          4. The installation deviation must meet the national regulations and design requirements, and reach the acceptance standard.



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