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          The application of cast iron guardrail has a long history. In the 13th century, Europe created exquisite iron works. During the Renaissance, iron art integrated simplicity, elegance and lightness, reaching its peak. In the 19th century, iron guardrails began to be widely popular as architectural decorative components.


          Organic zinc epoxy powder coating enhances corrosion resistance and impact resistance. Polyester color powder coating, anti ultraviolet, long-term anti dirt and surface self-cleaning. The multi-layer anti-corrosion technology of zinc steel profile is that the zinc steel guardrail has super weather resistance and can keep the color from fading.


          Entering China a century ago, it is increasingly accepted and loved by people with its unique artistic charm, environmental protection and safety. In urban and rural areas, in public buildings and private houses, modern or classical, beautiful metal and iron guardrails in different forms can be seen everywhere.


          The traditional iron guardrail is rusty under the corrosion of wind and rain, and the rust washed by rain pollutes the wall. It must be considered that the beautification adjacent to the guardrail is a major danger to environmental protection. Because most iron guardrails are cast from pig iron and welded on site, they are easy to break and fold, the installation is difficult, and the damage is simple. It is difficult to protect itself for the time being. How can we guard the house? Even the painted guardrail can only be a temporary sight and can not stand the wind and rain because it does not solve the problem of rust prevention and corrosion prevention.



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