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          The important factor is that the round nodular cast iron manhole cover is not easy to tilt and can better maintain pedestrians and vehicles. However, if a square is used, the straight line of the square becomes significantly stronger on the length of each side. When winding, it simply falls into the well along the straight line of the shaft, so there is a certain safety risk.

          2.從使用經驗來看,圓蓋沒有風險,所以 很常見。圓是無論怎樣正確測量直徑都是平的姿態,所以 無論怎樣被車碾壓,圓形井蓋都不簡單因直徑比球墨鑄鐵井蓋寬而掉落。這也是為什么很常見。

          2. From the use experience, the round cover has no risk, so it is very common. No matter how the diameter is measured correctly, the round well cover is flat, so no matter how it is rolled by the car, the round well cover is not easy to fall because the diameter is wider than the nodular cast iron well cover. That's why it's common.



          3. In the application of cable tray, square well cover is commonly used to prevent precipitation from entering.


          4. Compressive strength requires regular external compressive strength. It is necessary to prevent burr of stamping die on the upper surface, but too hard will damage the drill bit. Thin thickness and specification service requirements. Uneven appearance will damage the borehole. The required thermal conductivity is large, which can quickly take away the heat caused by the bit and reduce the bit temperature.

          5.組件自身能夠 帶環氧樹脂膠或環氧樹脂,不然鉆孔時會非常油。鉆頭時需求必定的彎曲剛度,防止 版別振動,具有必定的延展性。當鉆頭與鉆頭接觸時,它會當即變形,使鉆頭能精確指向鉆頭部位,以保證鉆頭部位精確。

          5. The component itself can be equipped with epoxy resin glue or epoxy resin, otherwise it will be very oily when drilling. The drill needs certain bending stiffness to prevent plate vibration and has certain ductility. When the bit is in contact with the bit, it will deform immediately, so that the bit can point to the bit accurately to ensure the accuracy of the bit.


          The damage of different well covers to their use, and the specific contents of the device method in the whole process of the device. It has high tensile strength, tensile strength, impact compressive strength and ductility. After long-term use, the goods are not easy to be rolled and damaged, and the safety accidents of super black holes in big cities can be prevented. The gross weight of goods is only about one third of pig iron, which is conducive to transportation, installation and competition.


          Today, Xiaobian presents you the relevant knowledge about Shandong nodular cast iron well covers. If you have any questions and questions about this article, please call us or leave a message at the bottom of the website: http://www.macyplace82.com



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